Home Remedies for Itchy Skin from the Kitchen

Home Remedies for Itchy Skin
Home remedies for itchy skin can be found very easily. Some people think that it must be simpler for them to go to the doctor and get the medication from the pharmacy for treating their itchy skin. In fact, they can simply go to their kitchen and they will be able to find some great ingredients which can be used for curing the itchiness from the skin. People usually want to have skin which is not only beautiful but also healthy. There is no way they can get when they feel itchiness on their skin. Here is the home remedies needed.

Baking Soda
When people are talking about the itchy skin and also skin rashes, the common home remedies which can be offered must be the baking soda. It is used a lot because it can give soothing effect to the skin with its anti-inflammatory property. The itching can be relieved as well since it can act as the natural neutralizer of acid. To use baking soda for curing itchy skin, people only need to prepare the bathtub with cool water which is added with a cup of baking soda. People can soak in the bathtub for half an hour. For drying the skin, they should pat the skin instead of rubbing it. This step can be done once in a day. If the itching is localized, people should use the baking soda paste made from three tablespoons baking soda and one tablespoon water. The paste should be applied on the infected area for about ten minutes. This step should also be done once a day. However, people have to remember that the baking soda should not be used on the open wound or broken skin.

Oatmeal Powder
Of course people are pretty familiar with the great health benefits of oat so they will prepare it in the kitchen for their breakfast for instance. In fact, oatmeal powder or colloidal oatmeal can be great help for soothing as well as comforting the skin which has itching feel. Besides soothing property, this oatmeal also has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating skin so the itching can be relieved instantly. The colloidal oatmeal with 1-2 cups measurement should be added into the bathtub contains lukewarm water. For about 15-20 minutes, people should soak in the water and it can be done up to three times in daily basis. One thing, people should not use hot water for this purpose. 
Another method can be as simple as making the paste of colloidal oatmeal and apply it directly to the affected area. The area should be covered with a cloth and it should be left for about half an hour. People will be able to find the colloidal oatmeal product but if it is impossible for them to get it, they can just use unprocessed oat flour which is grounded finely using food processor. People can still find more home remedies which can help them free from itchy feeling. Cool water, lemon, apple cider vinegar, juniper berries and cloves also can be useful home remedies for itchy skin.

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