Home remedies for ED (erectile dysfunction)

Home remedies for ED (erectile dysfunction)
Are there any home remedies for ED (erectile dysfunction) that effective and efficient? There are about 30 million men has erectile dysfunction in United States. There about 50% from men reach over 75% experience erectile dysfunction. The erectile dysfunction also common called with “impotence” is condition where a man can not achieve or keeping erection while he has sexual performance with his spouse. The symptom from erectile dysfunction can include with reduced libido.

Causes of erectile dysfunction
There are many issues that related into causes of erectile dysfunction. The mainly causes of erectile dysfunction includes fatigue, stress, issues of relationship, anxiety appearances, and consumption alcohol. There are some factors risks that can increase the potential erectile dysfunction disease. When man attains penis erection it involves brain, nerves, muscles, hormone, and blood vessel. Problem that related with any of these elements can causes normal functioning damage in penis. Some common causes of erectile dysfunction include;
- Diabetes,
- Heart disease and diabetes
- Multiple sclerosis
- Using tobacco
- Disease Parkinson
- And enlarged prostate gland.

Home remedies for erectile dysfunction
 The standard procedure for treating erectile dysfunction is including the pharmaceutical medications, surgery, implants, and many more. However, there is research that support if natural options can improve the erectile dysfunction reduces. The holistic treatment includes the natural home remedies that available in your kitchen or even in your herbs garden.
- The first solution is Panax ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea. Panazx ginseng or “red ginseng” is called with “herbal Viagra”. The recommended dosage for red ginseng consumption for treating erectile dysfunction is range from 600 mg into 1000 mg three times each day.

- DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone is hormone that naturally produces by adrenal glands. This can convert both estrogen and testosterone hormone in body. The research from Massachusetts male aging study found that men that have erectile dysfunction problem is tend to have low level of DHEA. The research published in 40 men shows that those who accept 50 mg DHEA once a day for six month likely has progress in maintain and achieve erection.

- L-Arginine is amino acid that occurs in body. This acid help in creating nitric oxide. The nitric oxide support successful erection as it relaxes blood vessels. The study show that men those consume L-arginine has improved sexual function as it takes 5 grams L-arginine each day. The other research also shows that consumption of L-arginine combine with pycnogenol restored the sexual ability into 80% from the participant after two month.

- The last is acupuncture. In study in 1999, it shows that acupuncture has ability in improve the erections quality and restore the sexual activity about 39% from participants.

Those natural remedies for erectile dysfunction is varies depend to the causes. The other therapies that also helpful for improve sexual desire or libido and reduce erectile dysfunction is consumption zinc supplement, Indian ginseng called ashwaganda and ginkgo. The following activity such as exercising, losing weight, curb the alcohol intake and stop smoking is lifestyle changes that need to be held for improve sexual function and support home remedies for ED (erectile dysfunction) therapy.

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