Home Remedies for Ear Mites Treatment

Home Remedies for Ear Mites
We often find our pets having this problem and wondering if we can make home remedies for ear mites to help relieve our pets.

What is Ear Mites
Ear mites are tiny parasites that causing common infection in pet’s ear especially cats and dogs in their ears. They feed on the skin debris, cell fluids as well as blood, and also the tissue of your ear canal.

Hardly visible for naked eye due to their size, ear mites usually go unnoticed before it becomes severe. They can infect both the external and internal canal of the ears and cause serious infections. If it gets less treatment, the infection could evolve to obstruction of the pet’s ear canal.

Although they can infect dogs and cats and are also highly contagious, ear mites are most likely to be found on cat.

There are many symptoms that can be found to detect the ear mites, most notably are head shaking, dermatitis, black or brown area on the ear canal, skin infection and inflammation, a dark brown brittle coffee-like substance.  Ear mite infections usually itch, so cats with ear mites will scratch their ear both inside and outside in excessive amount and could cause damage to the blood vessel and ear canal tissue, also they seems to have odd habits of holding their head in certain angles.

Ear mites treatments will include many steps, but the very first is to prove that the pets have ear mites. Other problems can cause itchiness so it is better to make sure before you start the home remedies for ear mites. Rub the inner side of the pet’s ear canal and try to remove the dark coffee-like substance. Examine the substance under the clear light and try to find any living creatures.

 If you have ascertained the ear mites existence, you may want to do the following home remedies for ear mites:
- Clean your pets ear canal gently using tiny cotton bud, try to get all the debris and the mites out of the canal. Purchase an ear cleaning product that is labeled as safe for pets, and follow the included instructions. The mites could use wax and debris as their shield, so try to get rid of them all.
- Cover your pet with a towel to immobilize them and make you do the job easier
- Buy an over the counter medication specialized to treat the ear mites. It is better to use an ear drop since it is easier. You can also seek help from veterinarian.
- Repeat this daily medication for the pets

Make sure your pets are treated until all mites clear out
Invest your time to do after treatment inspection so you can make sure that the ear mites aren’t getting back to your pets. Also be cautious if you have many pets as the mites are highly contagious, they can move from one pet to another so you may want to check all of your pet to make sure that your home remedies for ear mites doesn’t just waste your time.

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