Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

In a search for home remedies for dry eyes? Do you ever wonder how something simple like dry eyes can ruin your day? Imagine when you are working on your daily activities and then without further warning, your eyes dried in an instant. No matter how much you blinked, you just cannot seem to wet your eyes. For a few second, it might not be of a problem, but if it stays like that for more than a minute, it can be something that you would not be fond of.

This moment of dry eyes, of course, can be a very painful and a very uncomfortable experience for you. Here, I will tell you what dry eyes is and I will tell you what easy-you-can-find ingredients you should use to get rid of that unpleasant disease out of your body.

What can cause dry eyes?
Although dry eyes itself are self-explanatory, one sometimes find it hard to find the cause of dry eyes. Though not certain, old age is one of the factor that can cause dry eyes. Aside from old age, allergies and eating the wrong kind of food can also cause dry eyes. If you are the kind of guy/girl who prefer contact lenses over the conventional glasses, forgetting to remove your contact lenses for a long time will sometimes be the cause too.

What To Do If You Have Dry Eyes
To combat dry eyes, you have to use the only thing that you can use to combat dryness: water. For starters, you can try blinking if you ever experience the symptoms of dry eyes. Blinking will moisten your eyes and will reduce the chance you ever contract the aforementioned disease. If blinking did not help you cure it, then here are a few other things you can do to cure yourself of dry eyes:

1. Get yourself hydrated
Drink lots of water. When I mean lots, I mean 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. Getting yourself well-hydrated will help you with your dry eyes problem because you can never have enough water in your life.

2. Cucumber
When drinking water and blinking still did not help, use cucumber. Cucumbers are rich in water and like I said from before, water will help you combat dry eyes. Just put a few thin slices on your eyes and feel the chill of the cucumber numb the dry of your eyes.

3. Milk, preferably cold
Not only they are good for your body and rich in nutrients, milk can also help you get rid of dry eyes. Just dip a soft cloth into a bowl of cold milk and place the cotton on top of your closed eyes for 10 minutes top. It will help your eyes relax.

4. Flaxseed oil
Flaxseed oil contains nutrients that would be certainly beneficial for the health of your eyes. Not only a cancer preventing substance, this kind of oil can help you with your dry eyes problem. Just take it directly or consume it with fruits and drinks, practical right?

All in all, the ingredients above are a few examples of home made remedies for dry eyes.

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