4 Herbal Home Remedies for Skin Tags

Home Remedies for Skin Tags
Home remedies for skin tags are important information to get rid of this problem right away. In fact, you need to worry if there is something around your skin especially around your neck, arm, eyelids, armpit, or lower part of breast. There is a possibility that it is a skin tag.

Skin tags appear when you rub your skin. Then, there is an accumulation of blood vessel and collagen. People with diabetes and obesity problems have the risk of suffered from skin tags. Before visiting the doctor, you may try home remedies for skin tags below. Hopefully, it solves your problem right away so you don’t have to be unconfident with the skin tags.

Tree Tea Oil
One of home remedies for skin tags is tree tea oil. Today, this product can easily found in the stores whether online stores or offline stores. It is good to overcome your skin tag problem because tree tea oil is made from natural ingredient. It takes from the essential oil. You can do the home treatment easily. Just prepare cotton ball, water, and tree tea oil. Now, soak the cotton ball into the water. Then, put 2 or 3 drops of tree tea oil to the cotton ball. Next, you can start to apply the cotton ball with tree tea oil to the skin tags. It is better to do this home treatment twice a day and do it every day until the skin tag is gone.

Apple Cider Vinegar
One more products which can be considered as effective home remedies for skin tags is apple cider vinegar. This type of product is also easy to find in the grocery or supermarket. It is good to apply if you are suffered from skin tags around your neck. The way to apply apple cider vinegar is also easy. Just use cotton ball and take a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Now, you can just apply the cotton ball with apple cider vinegar to the skin tags around the neck. Commonly, you have to apply this home treatment for about a month. Hopefully, after a month you don’t have to see the skin tags anymore.

You can also try to use onion to treat your skin tags problem. The first thing to prepare is an onion. Just cut the onion and let it overnight. The function of letting the onion is to let the salt come out. Then, you can crush it like onion juice or masker. Now, you can apply by using the onion masker directly to the skin tags. It takes around 10 up to 12 days before the skin tags gone from your skin.

It is the same with onion in which you can also use pineapple to remove skin tags. You just need to crush the pineapple into juice or masker. Then, you can apply this natural masker to the skin tags. Just apply it for about 10 days and you will see positive impact.

It is really classified as easy home remedies for skin tags but with great impact. Soon, you can say goodbye to the skin tags problem.       

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