9 Home Remedies for Eye Infection

Home Remedies for Eye Infection
Have you ever experience eye infection? No need to go see a doctor because you can heal it through home remedies for eye infection.

But before begin the treatment, you should know what type of eye infection you’ve got. There are five type; Conjunctivitis or pink eye, Sty or hordeolum, Blepharitis, Orbital cellulitis, Keratitis, Dacryocystitis.

Eye infection can be caused by harmful chemicals, pollution, Immune deficiencies, and so on. Different cause can lead to different type of infections.

The effect of infection may also be different. Common type of eye infection symptom are teary eyes, redness, swollen eyelids, pain, itching, etc.

Now, let’s see some easy tips of home remedies for eye infection!
1. Warm Compresses
Wash a soft cloth with warm water and put it onto your closed eyes. Feeling the warm could relax your infected eyes. Another way is to use the water to wash your eyes to make them clean.

2. Eye Drops
You can buy this thing on pharmacist nearby. It’s easy to use and effective for light eye infection.

3.  Honey
You can mix the honey into warm water. There are several ways you could use the honey after mixing it with water; using it as natural eye drop, use cotton balls/washcloth to compress your eyes, or simply use it as eyewash.

4.  Tea
Tea can make your eyes relax, reduce redness and swelling eyes. You can use either black, green or white tea. Just put the tea bag into warm water and then use it as compress or eyewash.

5. Chamomile
Chamomile effective to reduce redness and irritation. They also can help to sooth and make your eyes more relax. Put the chamomile into warm water for several minutes and use the water to compress your eyes.

6. Boric Acid
Boric Acid can be found easily in drug store. It serve as antiseptic, antifungal and eyewash with only little side effect.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar
Mix the apple cider vinegar with warm water and then use cotton balls to compress your eyes. You can also wash the outer part of your eyes with the water.

8. Jasmine
Jasmine flower is effective to reduce redness, inflammation and irritation to eyes. You can put the flower into hot water and keep it until next morning, thus use the water as eye drop.

9. Sleep Enough
One of few reason for eye infection is because you could’ve overuse your eyes the whole day. Have some high quality sleep could help your eyes to recover naturally.

Those tips are most common and effective home remedies for eye infection. However, each type of tips might be works for certain symptom and might won’t according to situation and cases. In case your eyes still feels bad after trying all those tips, it’s better to go see doctor for pro consultation. Your eyes infection might be not a simple type and need further treatment by professional. Hopefully this tips of home remedies for eye infection could help your problem. Have a healthy eyes!

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