7 Essential Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

Everyone basically needs to know about home remedies for bed bugs. Having bed bugs in your own bed is like the worst nightmare ever. You can stay awake up all night from the fear of getting bed bug’s bites which will cause itchiness, rashes and even blisters on your skin. Hence, to assure you a peaceful sleep, you can practice these home remedies and keep all the bed bugs away from your bed.

1.             Wash all the fabrics
The first thing you do when you find bed bugs is washing all the fabrics which have had a contact with the bugs. It includes the bed sheets, shirts, and also linens. As the bed bugs can’t withstand very hot water, hence, you must ensure a special washing treatment for the fabrics using hot water with minimum temperature 48.80C. This is basically the simplest way to kill the bed bugs!

2.             Clean the room using vacuum cleaner
After all the fabrics have been washed appropriately, now it’s the time to clear up the bed bugs’ existence entirely from your room. FYI, bed bugs love it to hide in an inaccessible area such as the corners or cracks. Therefore, you need to using vacuum cleaners to suck up those filthy creatures from your properties.

3.             Wipe down the room
After the vacuuming process, now you need to go on the next step: wiping down the room to ensure the room perfectly clean. Here, you may need to use disinfectants to get rid of the last bit of the bed bugs.

4.             Hot steam the mattresses
Steaming the room is also a part of the home remedies for bed bugs you should not ignore. Washing the fabrics with hot water may have killed all the bed bugs, but not all the eggs laid in there. As it’s obvious we don’t want to give a life to the next generation bed bugs in our room, you need to subject the mattresses to hot steam. By then, the eggs will not survive and you can sleep soundly without the fear that the bed bugs will make a comeback in your bed.

5.             Encase the mattresses and pillows
The last option available to save your room from getting bed bugs again is by encasing the mattresses and pillows after they are having hot steam. The proper encasing will assure you that the remaining bed bugs (if it’s still possible from them to stay alive) have no escape routes, hence they will not find a way to bite you.

6.             Spraying tea tree Oil or lavender oil all over the
Both tea tree oil and lavender oil have their own strong smell and taste which can repels any nasty creature, including bed bugs. Hence, you can either spray tea tree oil and/or lavender oil all around the bed and the other infected areas. This will prevent any nuisance from the bed bugs for a few weeks.

7.             Dry clothes with dryers
After washing your clothes, make sure you always dry them in the dryer. As the dryer sets very high temperature to dry the clothes, it will ensure you that there are no bed bugs which are survived due to the high heat. You simply need to ensure the dryer runs for at least 20 minutes for that. And, this is the wrap of the home remedies for bed bugs series.

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