6 Home Remedies for Pimple and Acne

6 Home Remedies for Pimple and Acne
Pimple and acne are type of skin problem which often affect the face, chest, back and scalp. This case can happen to anyone at all age. However, teenagers tend to get more of this problem. There are so many factor that caused pimple and acne which are the increase of hormonal level inside their body, lack of sleep, having too much stress, unhealthy eating habit and lifestyle. In fact, this disease isn’t dangerous at all, but obviously dangerous for your confident level. For most people, especially women, having pimple and acne is a disaster. Here are several home remedies for pimple and acne that effectively bring back your smooth skin.

Take Care of Cleanness
The most important point of home remedies for pimple and acne is by taking care of your environment cleanness. Keep your hands away from your face because your hands can contaminated your skin with bad bacteria that capable of causing pimple and acne. Also, make sure that your pillow case, towel, and any other thing which has direct contact to your face keep hygiene.

Natural Mask
Obviously, using natural mask is a very effective ways to treat your skin disease, including pimple and acne. Not only they are free from any side effect, but they’re also cheap, easy to create and obviously effective. Cinnamon, papaya, avocado, aloe vera, strawberry, banana peel, lemon, potato, honey, and orange peel are most suitable material to create an incredible mask for your skin. They contain antioxidant, vitamin C and any other nutrient which are good for your skin health. You can either rub those ingredients directly into your face or create some paste out of them and then mask yourself with them as home remedies for pimple and acne.

Watch your Foods
Foods is also another important factor that caused pimple and acne. Avoid eating too many junk/instant foods is one of home remedies for pimple and acne. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended since it help to keep your skin healthy. Eating something which contain much vitamin C such as lemon and orange are few example.

Avoid Direct Sunlight
Sunlight is good for your health. You can’t neglect the fact that you need sunlight to keep your body healthy. However, having bathed under sunlight in a long-term is just no good. Prevent yourself to get direct hit by sunlight around 10 a.m. to 2 p.m is a simple home remedies for pimple and acne you must be able to do.

Use Makeup Wisely
When pimple and acne covering your face, its best choice to limiting your makeup. Choose makeup with label “noncomedogenic”, on it. Because those kind of makeup are using ingredients that are acne-friendly. Also, you should always wash your face in the end of the day to keep your face clean from any residual makeup as another home remedies for pimple and acne.

Keep your skin moisturize is truly important home remedies for pimple and acne. There are different types of moisturizer that treat different type of skin, such as oily, dry, and combination skin. Choose the type that good for your skin and labeled as noncomedogenic.

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