5 Simple Home Remedies For Kidney Infection

Home Remedies For Kidney Infection
As we all know that the kidneys, including excretion organ whose function is to filter out impurities in your blood such as urea and disposed of with water in the form of urine but sometimes the kidney could stop according to function and if not treated on time can lead to kidney failure of course it will affect very bad for your health. But do not worry in this article I will give home remedies for kidney infection that you can apply.

Before you treat kidney disease you should know the causes of kidney disease. Kidney infections are generally caused by bacteria that enter through the exterior of the urinary tract and kidneys lodged in you as a breeding place. And the important thing you should know the symptoms of kidney infection like back pain to unbearable, swelling in the legs / eyes, pain when urinating and blood in urine, fever, frequent urination, vomiting, decreased appetite.

Home remedies for kidney infection
Kidney treatment you can apply at home as being effective is also no need to pay expensive to the doctor and of course you avoid the side effects of chemical drugs.

1. Parsley
Internal organs of our body are sometimes needed to be cleaned just like you clean your facial skin or let more beautiful. As well as the internal organs remain healthy though. Foliage proved to be very effective and great for kidney health as parsley leaf that serves pushing toxins out. This leaves contain many nutrients such as vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin b, potassium, sodium, copper, thiamin and riboflavin. Very easy you just boil some parsley leaves to a boil then strain and wait for it to cool and then drink.

2. Apple cider vinegar
Mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar is very suitable for the treatment of kidney disease. Mixing 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar shake and drink. And should consume every day.

3. Fruit Juice
Addition to delicious to drink juice also has a very nice benefit to health. Therefore fruit juices are very much in demand by the people. Fruit juices also turned out to be very good for the kidneys because it can clean up, win, relaxes the kidneys during and after infection. You can make fruit juice from lemons, oranges, apples, grapes, etc.

4. Herbal tea
Tea is already quite well known around the world in some developed countries like Japan very famous all like to consume the dross because tea is good for health. But you also must be keen in choosing tea, choose the type of herbal tea that is natural and does not contain a lot of preservatives. The kinds of tea are effective for treating kidney disease that chamomile tea, marshmallow tea and tea goldenly. You should drink tea at least 2 times a day for white kidney patients.

5. Water
We are encouraged to consume water at least 2 liters or 8 glasses per day. Water has many benefits such as for skin care, to lose weight and also for the treatment dispose of toxic substances in the body and is very good for the kidneys. People who lack drinking water will certainly feel lumbago filtration in the kidney when there is no water as a lubricant excretion process, in addition you can also get water from fruits such as watermelon, and when eating watermelon eating was the white part because it contains diverse nutrition like vitamin C, vitamin a, etc.

That is home remedial for kidney infection that I can share to you and make sure to avoid foods that are high carbonate and potassium, canned foods, preserved foods and excessive salt.

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