5 Powerful Home Remedies for Flies

Home Remedies for Flies
Flies are animals that carry germs that make these insects become one of the most disturbing animals, no wonder many people search for home remedies for flies.  Getting rid of flies is indeed not easy, because when we try to kill them, they will likely come back again in few seconds or minutes. This is why, nowadays, many people prefer to use insect repellent made from chemical sprays to kill flies quickly.

However, this method will create a new hazard for the livings in the home, including human or even the pet, because the material of it will leave poison. In addition to the spray usage, there are also instant fly repellent electronic tools that can be used at certain times. Candles are also shown to be used as powerful fly repellent. When you visit a restaurant that was filled with flies, then we often see a candle placed on the dining table of the restaurant. Flaming candle, heat and smoke generated by these candles is proven to repel flies.

But actually, there are some other alternative ways that are easy to use to get rid of flies, such as using natural fragrances from plants. Here are the 5 powerful lists of home remedies for flies that you can follow:
a. Lemongrass and coconut oil
The first natural way to get rid of flies is by using lemongrass and coconut oil. Pour 20-30 drops of citronella oil into a glass and add ½ cup of coconut oil. Stir it well and fill the mixture into several small bottles and place in every corner of the house. The scent that produced naturally will keep the flies out of the house.

b. Mint, cotton balls and vanilla extract
Another natural way yet very powerful to get rid of flies is using vanilla extract, mint and cotton balls. First, place two pieces of cotton balls in the bottom part of the jar then smear with around 4 tbs of vanilla extract.  Put fresh mint leaves onto the top of the jar and cover it with soft cotton cloth.

c. Apple vinegar
Put apple vinegar into the bottle or glass and then close the surface with plastic and make a small hole in it. Then, place the bottles on the outside corner of the house. The apple cider vinegar will work effectively as natural fly repellent.

d. chili powder, garlic and cinnamon
Other natural way to kill flies is using a mixture of chili powder, garlic, and cinnamon. You can pour the powder around the house corners and the flies will stay away.

e. Orange lemon and 12 dried cloves
Prepare a couple of lemons and cut them into 4 pieces. Then, plug 12 dried cloves in each lemon pieces.

Next, blend the lemon slices and cloves on the plate and place it on each 2 sides of table. Flies can detect the scent of lemon and spice aroma of cloves. The combination of sharp aroma is acting as a powerful home remedies for flies.

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