5 Home Remedies for Herpes that Will Save You in Emergencies

5 Home Remedies for Herpes that Will Save You in Emergencies
Home remedies for herpes is something you need to prepare all the time when you are diagnosed with herpes. The worst thing about herpes is the blisters and the itches they cause. You definitely want to scratch it so hard like there’s no tomorrow but you can’t do that because it can cause infection.

Medicine will certainly help but it is the itch that makes you really suffer. That is why you need to have some natural remedies at all times in your house. But you need to be careful because herpes usually appear around the lips and genital area. So, make sure the ingredients are clean before applying them. Here are some home remedies you can prepare to help the herpes to heal.

1. Garlic
Garlic is very beneficial to cure many diseases and herpes is one of them. Thanks to its antimicrobial agents, it will bring down the number of blisters appears on your skin. Moreover, garlic also contains a nutrient called allicin which according to many studies can help fight the virus infection. Therefore, in case of Herpes virus type 1, garlic can help curing the disease instead of just relieving the itch. You can use garlic oil or crushed garlic clove and then apply it to the infected area.

2. Licorice Root
You need to strengthen your immune system when you have herpes. To achieve that, you can rely on licorice and the beneficial active ingredients in it. Licorice root also has very strong anti-inflammatory nutrient so it can help relieving the itches. Applying licorice root is very simple. Simply mix the licorice root powder with water and apply it directly to the infected area. Some people reported that licorice root could cause allergic reaction. Therefore, make sure you stop the application and clean it immediately if you have allergic reaction.

3. Olive Oil
Olive oil is one of the most effective home remedies for herpes because it contains antioxidant anti-inflammatory agents. Applying olive oil to the blisters can really help with the itches and the blisters will disappear after sometime if you use it regularly. To use it, you need to heat the olive oil for a while. Wait until it becomes warm and then apply it to your herpes sores.

4. Lemon Balm
Lemon has anti-inflammatory agents that can help reducing the itches since it can control the outbreak. Moreover, it also contains active ingredients called eugenol that will be really helpful if the herpes blisters are painful. Applying the lemon balm to the blisters directly will help them dry quicker. To accelerate the healing process, you also can drink a cup of lemon balm tea per day.

5. Tea Bags
You can use tea bags to reduce the itches. However, make sure you use black tea because it contains tannin that is rich with anti-inflammatory agents. After using it to make a cup of tea, cool it down a little bit and then compress it directly to the blisters. Even though the ingredient and steps are very simple, tea bag is one of the best home remedies for herpes.

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