5 Home Remedies for Boils that You Can Easily Prepare

5 Home Remedies for Boils that You Can Easily Prepare
You must have home remedies for boils all the time because boils can happen out of nowhere. The main cause of boils is bacterial infection in the hair follicles area, and since we have follicles all around our body, boils can appear in various places of our body. Boils can be very painful and they definitely don’t look pretty.

So, we really need to treat and get rid of it so that we don’t have to experience the pain and prevent the infection from spreading. Going to the doctor and consume antibiotics definitely can cure the boil. However, it will be much more convenient and faster if we treat it from home. To make sure you can treat the boils as soon as possible, here are some home remedies that you can use.

1. Turmeric
Turmeric contains beneficial anti-inflammatory agents that can eliminate the redness of the boil and prevent further infection. Moreover, it is also one of the most famous natural ingredients that can purify blood. Therefore, when you apply the turmeric to the boil, the swelling and pain can be reduced. It is best to mix the turmeric with ginger to give warm sensation that will overpower the pain. To accelerate the healing process from inside, it is best if you also drink water and turmeric solution.

2. Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is one of the best home remedies for boils that also have so many benefits for skin health. Tea tree oil is very common to be used to treat skin condition because it has antiseptic and antibacterial agent that will make your skin clean, hygienic and free from inflammation. If you want to use tea tree oil to cure boils, simply pour the oil to clean cotton and then dab it directly to the boils.

3. Onion
Onion is rich with antibacterial agent that will be very beneficial in killing the bacteria in a boil. When the bacteria are eliminated, the healing process will be faster and the infection will not spread. Moreover, onion will give warm sensation to your skin that will help lessening the pain and itch on the boil.

4. Milk
Just like tea tree oil, milk is a famous home remedies for many skin problems. Milk can help moistening the skin so it will be healthier and the boil will not leave scar. If you want to use milk to heal the boil, you need to warm the milk and mix it with salt to accelerate the bacteria killing process. After that, dip a cotton in the milk and dab it directly to the boil.

5. Warm Compress
Boils might be very painful and itchy but actually, it can be healed simply by applying warm water to the boil. Warm water can help eliminating the pain as well as increase the blood circulation around the boil. You can compress the boil with warm water several times a day, especially when it is very painful. You can also add salt to the water to help killing the bacteria. You can use this trick if you don’t have any ingredients that can be used as home remedies for boils.

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