5 Home Remedies for Anxiety or Panic Attacks that Will Help Soothing Your Mind

5 Home Remedies for Anxiety or Panic Attacks that Will Help Soothing Your Mind
Preparing home remedies for anxiety or panic attack will be really helpful if you are diagnosed with those conditions. Anxiety is not an easy thing to tackle. It makes you feel so sad and worthless and just in constant fear all the time. The same goes with panic attack. At one moment you are happy and joyful but a minute later the panic starts creeping in and you just cannot control your mind.

Even though it is not easy, you cannot let anxiety and panic attacks take control of your life. Professional help will be really helpful, and in addition you can use these following home remedies to help you calm your mind.

1. Drink Chamomile Tea
When you start feeling panic or anxious, make yourself a cup of hot chamomile tea and your mind will be relaxed again. This is effective because chamomile tea contains apigenin and luteolin that can help you relax and sooth your mind. Some studies even showed that patients with anxiety disorder shows more significant improvement when they were given chamomile tea compared to medications. Chamomile is really effective to calm anxious feeling because it contains some active compounds that have similar functions with valium.

2. Inhale Lavender Oil
Lavender has long been used as aromatherapy because of the calming effect of its scent. In fact, some dentist offices use lavender scent in the room to make their patients less anxious. You can also take advantage to this great plant to lessen your panic and anxiety. When the symptoms start to show, pour a little lavender oil to your pillow or spray it in the room and then just breathe regularly. You can also use this oil to get a massage for more calming effect.

3. Practice Breathing Technique
Proper breathing technique is one of the best home remedies for anxiety or panic attack. When the symptoms of panic attack start to show, sometimes all you need to do is to sit calmly and regulate your breathing. Supplying oxygen to your body is a great way to reduce the fear and physical symptoms panic attacks cause you. Proper breathing technique is very important so make sure you learn about it.

4. Mix Ginseng to Your Drink
Ginseng possesses various health benefits than can help making you feel less anxious. Studies have proved that ginseng has calming effect for our nerves and the nutrients help us to respond better to things that make us panic and stress. Slice and boil the ginseng first and then mix it to your tea. If the flavor is too strong for you, you can add honey to add some natural sweetness.

5. Take a Hot Bath

It is not a secret that taking a hot bath can help you relax and in result, it will immediately eliminate the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks you are feeling. You can add some aromatherapy oil and even scented candle to help you relax. When you feel anxiety and panic starts overpowering you, simply take a relaxing hot bath and you definitely will know why people say this method is one of the most effective home remedies for anxiety or panic attack.

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