4 Simple Home Remedies For Stye

Home Remedies For Stye

Do you ever feel weird in parts of your eyelids? Like something is clumsy grow a meat where it feels very itchy, and make you want to keep scratching. Yah,,, it was called stye. Of course if you get stye on your eyelid it will disturb your appearance, and also interfere your self-confidence beside you feels itching. In this article I will give you simple home remedies for stye. In some areas a lot of people think that stye occurs because someone peek someone bathing, but of course it is only a myth. Actually stye occurs because an infection of the eyelids, both the upper eyelid and lower eyelid.

Stye is caused by staphylococcus aurous bacteria; these bacteria are harmless and live a normal life. However, if the bacteria are trapped in the bag tears or tear duct he had been ill, it will lead to infections like acne. Stye can be transmitted to people via the hands, so get used to always wash your hands so that the hand remains in a clean state.

people affected stye in general will feel pain in the area of the eye, especially the eyelids, on the other hand, if it already experiencing swelling can cause pain in the head, too, and is still associated with pain in the eye area.

Home remedies for stye
Don’t let stye to ruin your nice day, if only you got stye try this home remedies in your home.
1.             Using Warm Water
You can use warm water to treat stye. The warmth of the water is lukewarm. Quite easy, provide container for warm water, then use a towel as a medium to compress part of the eye stye. Be sure to use a clean towel. There is also the added salt in warm water and use it as compressed in the affected eye stye. Warm water serves to relax the eyelids. Use it 3-4 times a day on a regular basis usually within 3 days stye will subside.

2.             Using Garlic
Besides using warm water, you can also use water to eliminate stye. The trick, garlic puree until smooth, then applies on the affected part of stye. Be careful when applying; do not expose the eyes because garlic if exposed to the eyes will feel sore. The use of garlic is working to prevent further inflammation.

3.             Treat stye with betel leaf
Betel leaf is believed to be a plant that can be used as a natural remedy because it contains several anti-bacterial properties. Betel leaves can be used to treat stye on the eyelid that is by using boiled water betel leaves to cleanse the affected eyelid stye.

4.             Using Tea Bags
Tea bag is already being popular to treat eye such as reducing the panda eyes, and also to help eliminate nearsightedness in the eye certainly used tea bag is also derived from herbal teas. Trick to use the tea bag to compress the eyelids, this method can relieve pain in the stye. Make sure the teabag used is clean.

That is all a few tips home remedies for stye that you can apply at your home it will help you to treat your stye quickly and easily. Another alternative ways that you can use which is quite popular is by using eye drops, by using enough medication in your eyes or as recommended doctor also another alternative is to use an ointment.

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