4 Best Recipes of Home Remedies for a Cold Sore

Home Remedies for a Cold Sore
What are the best home remedies for a cold sore? Cold sore is a small blister which develops on the lips or the area around the mouth. Herpes simplex virus takes the role on causing cold sore. Even without any treatment, you will find cold sore cleared within 7 – 10 days. However, if you find it irritating to stay still dealing with the pain and let alone the itchiness, you definitely need to try making these home remedies.

Vanilla Extract
The pure vanilla extract doesn’t merely smell good, yet it can also cure cold sore well. With alcohol content in it, the vanilla extract can prevent the virus to thrive and lessen the severity as well as the length of the cold sore outbreak. You can wipe the vanilla extract using a cotton bud or cotton pad on your lips and the area around your mouth, once you feel the tingling sensation. Ideally you can do this vanilla extract treatment for four times a day until it is no longer needed.

The next home remedy for cold sore is milk! In the milk, there are proteins called ‘immunoglobulins’ which becomes essential anti-body. Hence, it can prevent and fight off many kind of viruses, including herpes. Milk also contains I-lysine which can impede the work of arginine (a type of ammino acid) which is believed as the main cause of cold sore outbreak. I-lysine can help speeding up the healing process of cold sore as well. You can soak a cotton ball in a tablespoon of milk and then use it to compress the area of the outbreak. After that, use wet clean towel to wipe the milk residue. You can also apply a bit of pure petroleum jelly after that.

Licorice is one of the most random home remedies for cold sore. It contains glycyrihizic acid with anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, thus it can help stopping the herpes virus cells to spread vigorously. Here, you can get your home remedy by making some licorice powder or a cream. You can mix a tablespoon of licorice root powder with ½ teaspoon fresh water or about 2 teaspoons pure petroleum jelly to make the cream. After that, gently apply the cream using a cotton swab to the outbreak area in a thin layer. Leave it for several hours or even an overnight if possible before you rinse it. If it is too much work for you, you can simply drink licorice tea in routine for the alternative, although it may not be as effective.

Cornstarch Paste
Cornstarch paste does not only sooth a cold sore from its silky texture only. It also shortens the duration of the outbreak and relieves the burning pain and itchiness caused by cold sore with its ability to neutralize the pH of the sore. Herpes virus grows well in an overly-acidic environs. Here, cornstarch paste can turn the overly-acidic environment into an alkaline state. You can make this one of the easiest home remedies for cold sore by mixing a tablespoon of cornstarch with a teaspoon of fresh water and dab the mixture on the outbreak area.

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