10 Home Remedies for Sunburn You Must Know

Home Remedies for Sunburn Y
You don’t have to go after medical assistance as there are several home remedies for sunburn that are proven to be effective. If you like to feel carefree while playing under the sunlight or if your kids do, the following remedies should be prepared. Here is the list.

1. Cool Water Compress
This should make the best remedy for immediate relief. Soak a clean and soft cloth or towel in cold water and press it against the affected area after squeezing it. It should remove the heat and burning feeling.

2. Aloe Vera Gel
As always, aloe vera gel can work wonders in this kind of issues. You only need to take the gel and apply it on your burned skin. It should remove the burning feeling very fast and avoid worse condition.

3. Fruit Juice
You should drink a lot of water or fruit juice, any fruit you like, to keep you hydrated. It should bring back your skin moisture and it promotes the recovery. Fruits with a lot of vitamin C should be the best option.

4. Fresh Brewed Tea
Especially with mint, this is a perfect remedy to remove the heat and restore your skin pH balance. It needs to be freshly brewed, but you need to wait until it is cool to apply it using clean cloth.

5. Cucumbers Paste
Chill some cucumbers and mash it using food blender to make a paste. Then, apply the cucumber paste on the affected area. It will peel your skin naturally and it is safe for your face as well.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar
There are two ways to use this. Add some on cool water and soak your body in it. In alternative, you can also mix it with cool water and pat it on your sunburn using soft and clean cloth or towel.

7. Milk
Mix one cup of skim milk with four cups of cool water and soak in a clean and soft cloth in it. Then, pat the cloth on the sunburn to reduce swelling and pain.

8. Honey
You can also apply a thin layer of honey on your sunburn and let it dry. Honey should speed up the recovery and healing while it also reduces the pain. Apply it three times a day for a whole week.

9. Potato
Peel a potato and cut them into small pieces. Then, mash it using food blender until it makes a paste. Apply the paste on your sunburn area. This should be repeated once a day until the sunburn fades.

10. Teabags Bath
If you get sunburn, soap should be avoided. In alternative you can have teabag bath. Soak in teabags on cold water and use the water for bath. It is safe for eyelids too to remove inflammation and sooth the burn.    

As you can see, those remedies are the easiest to be found and it doesn’t take an expert to use it. In addition to it, its natural power should sooth the issue faster and it doesn’t have any side effect to your skin. Rather than chemical solutions and expensive doctor receipts, you should prefer on these home remedies for sunburn.  

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