10 Easy Home Remedies for Gastritis You can do Alone

10 Easy Home Remedies for Gastritis You can do Alone
Gastritis is an irritation process which affect the inner part of stomach. The symptom is vary towards each person, while some others doesn’t have any symptom at all. Common symptoms that often appear are nausea, vomit, fullness in abdomen after eating, burning in the stomach, indigestion, heartburn, pain in abdomen, loss appetite, dark stools, bloating, and many more.

Several reasons that can be cause of gastritis are: stomach’s infection, lack of vitamin B, eating too much of pain reliever, sour/spicy type of foods.

Here are several easy home remedies for gastritis you can do alone.
1. Ginger
Ginger possess antibacterial properties which goods for gastritis. You can turn the ginger into ginger tea with honey mixture to add more taste.

2. Seeds of Carom
Seeds of Carom can help to relief your stomach’s mucous membrane, treating indigestion, also healing nausea. You can put the carom seeds with dried ginger to warm water to drink 3 times.

3. Peppermint
Peppermint is famous for antibacterial and antispasmodic properties to treat gastritis. You can chew the fresh peppermint directly or eat a more modern peppermint tablets.

4. Chamomile
Chamomile is rich with essential oils which improve digestive system, eliminate gas, relief the pain, etc. You can make a warm chamomile tea to drink or even add some honey within.

5. Yoghurt
Yoghurt also known as another good way to help with gastritis because it could boost up your immune and protecting your stomach from any bacteria which cause gastritis. This one is the easiest one to find and the taste also good as well.

6. Strawberry
Strawberry has antioxidant property and high content of phenolic compounds that can help with gastritis. You can try eat fresh strawberry or make a strawberry tea for treatment. Drink the tea 3 times in a day.

7. Holy Basil
Holy basil has antibacterial properties that effective to reduce inflammation and infection caused by the H. pylori bacteria. You can chew several fresh basil leaves to treat the pain, make a basil juice or basil tea.

8. Fennel Seeds 3 times
Fennel seeds is much recommended for gastritis treatment as they could help with digestive system and relax the muscles in the gastrointestinal tract. You can chew fennel seeds after meal or boiled the seeds to make a tea mixed with honey.

9. Licorice
Licorice, just like the other, also has soothing properties that can relieve symptoms like heartburn, burning sensation in the stomach, and indigestion. You can boiled the licorice and make a cup of tea to drink or you can choose to drink a licorice tablets as alternative option.

10. Potato Juice
Potato has antacid and healing properties which effective for gastritis treatment. Peel the raw potatoes and extract the juice, mixed with warm water. Drink it 3 times, approximately 30 minutes before meal time.
How was it? Those are easy home remedies for gastritis you can do alone. All of them are easy to find in minimarket nearby, easy to process, and not too expensive as well.

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